2014 Conference

The 10th National Conference for Rural Catholics took place in Cambridge at the Red Lion at Whittlesford Bridge between 10 – 12 February 2014.

If rural prompts a first thought of farming, please think again. Most Catholic parishes include rural areas – often packed with commuters or retirees. This year’s conference  included a visit to Camgrain, which handles most of East Anglia’s grain. They also examined how the Church can have a presence at a local county or rural show and they also covered topical items at the heart of what is happening in the countryside.

Download a Full Report

You can download the Full Report from the 2014 Conference using the link below.

2014 Conference Report

Why do we have an annual conference?

Most of our dioceses have large rural areas yet traditionally the bishop takes his title from a town. We try to bridge the gap. Small rural congregations are not failed larger churches, they are God’s design for rural ministry. The issues that impact on our rural congregations are very important to us.